Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Health Care and the two parties.

Why is gay marriage such a big deal to American party lines? One reason, I suggest, is the fact that married couples in the US recieve over 100 different benefits and rights that unmarried couples do not. Here's a list of the top 100 from WI (LIST).

Having health care is a big deal. Maybe we don't realize it now because we are still under the parent's blanket of care, or maybe our parents don't have health care and we are coasting as students. But the fact is that in 2004, 45.8 million people were without health insurance coverage(1) . Do you know the costs of health care without insurance? Crazy-sad if you think about all the people with illnesses and injuries who can't afford to be fixed.

I'm not saying that the reason conservatives don't want people to be getting fixed, but by deniying marriage rights to those couples who seek it, that is what is happening. Not to mention the 200+ other rights denied to couples who are not a married man and woman.

Along with abortion, it is one thing to say something is morally wrong according to your beliefs, but it is an entirely other thing to deny rights and benefits to people who need them. I just think all people who are broken should be able to get fixed- that seems like a "moral value" to me.

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At 9:35 AM, Blogger halleykaras said...

It is true that most people don't realize how expensive health care is. My dad is self employed, so he buys his own medical insurance for about $350 a month. He also has really bad back issues, needed some surgeries, so his out of pocket was about $14,000 last year, and that is WITH insurance. It's crazy. That would put most people in a pretty bad financial situation. And anyone who could swing $350 a month and 14,000 a year in medical costs probably doesnt need to worry about it because they already have awesome insurance.

and.. i totally agree with your post :)

At 7:10 PM, Blogger Steve B said...

I too am disheartened by the anti-gay marriage constituents who inundate the Republican Party. Although, I think there is more to their discrimination than a greedy desire for benefits; it’s more based on their fundamental/fanatical beliefs on religion. I will never understand why people are so adamant about following the word of a document written thousands of years ago by people who thought, amongst many other idiotic things, demons caused people to get sick. Or that the wheel was the best invention of all time. Or that the world was flat. I would never take ANY advice from a person living that long ago. It is unfathomable how Republicans can base their political ideologies on religion.

At 6:46 PM, Blogger Alexander said...

I really enjoyed this blog. I think we as a country need to allow people to have equal rights, what does it matter if it’s a woman and a man or a woman and a woman. If they both love each other what should it matter? How does someone else’s sexual orientation affect my life? It doesn’t. Politicians really need to focus on health care, I mean since Bush took office my Dad’s heath plan cut out eye insurance, our co-pay is more for doctor visits, and it just is getting worse. I think the parties need to re do some of their thinking of what’s “really” important to focus on.

At 8:52 PM, Blogger JesseThePorcupine said...

It is really exciting to see a pro-LGBT backlash to the overzeleaous conservatives. It is interesting how the conservative "defense of marriage" was a backlash to some judges interpretations, and now we are seeing a growing counterforce against that backlash.

I think this is what they are talking about in the federalist papers. How a democratic system has this weakness where people can be temporarily excited and vote for something in this moment of heated xenophobia. Without time to mount a defense of opposition, temporary emotions can lead to long term changes.

Fortunately Wisconsin is close to the tilting point, whether our state ends up discriminating or not, a vote within 10% is pretty intimidating after those 80% landslides they have seen.


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