Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Evidence of how America's two parties are both wide-ranging and all about getting votes comes in many forms. One example that the Time article we read shows very clearly is the "don't ask don't tell" philosophy Republicans have about their gay members and office holders.

despite the fact there are probably countless gay Republicans, Cheney's daughter came out of the closet, and the whole Foley thing- there are repeated attacks, legislation, and gay marriage issues on ballots. Why? Well, mobilizing strong partisan voters on the right means going for the religious.

This trend also speaks volumes about the importance of voter mobilization. It's about keeping that good taste in their mouths, or having it be so bitter toward the other side.

Don't worry about pages, or concern yourself with gay members. The article brings up a great example about how the Democratic party tried to have southern segregationists and northern civil rights activists at the same time.

"There has been no institutional rule, means, norm or tradition that cannot be set aside to advance a partisan political goal," How awesome is the motivation of winning elections? -political scientist Thomas Mann


At 8:57 AM, Blogger polsci421-jeff said...

I strongly agree that these issues have an impact on voter mobilization, but be careful of falling into a trap that Republicans are only using this issue to try and speak to the religious section of society. The country was founded on religious moral principles and there are many that believe in those principles while they also believe that people should be left alone to live as they choose. The delicate balance that is argued over is what kind of position should the government take to support the best possible society. There are many who believe that marraige should be restricted because it is in the governments interest to promote two parent families and think that it is best for the psychological well being of a child. Whether this is right or wrong can be up for a debate, but many people do not see themselves as biggots just because they believe and support this. Besides, it is the Democrats that have called for the outing of all gay Republicans, what business is it of theirs to out somebody? I thought that someone's sexuality was their personal choice to keep to themselves, if there is biggotry, it looks like it comes from both sides of the isle.

At 3:00 PM, Blogger polsci421-maskemp said...

I think the Republicans could have used the Foley scandal to their advantage, but it seems a little too late now. If they would not have covered up the scandal with Sen. Foley they could have denounced gays and mobilized conservative voters. But another conservative ideology (at least I think) is honesty and the party seems to be lacking this basic moral. They put their party before the safety of some children and before the morals they stand for. The Democrats should seize this opportunity and attack the Republicans morality platform. Maybe this will make Republican voters less likely to vote Republican

At 5:27 PM, Blogger lindsey0324 said...

I'm pretty surprised at how the demorcrats have addressed this situation. My own view on the issue is similar to Jeff's. Things become more complicated when children are involved. A childs environment is ideal to their mental stability and sense of security. It could very well cause confusion, resentment, or isolation as they grow into adulthood. I think that in terms of politics and career paths this is completly irrelevant. Shouldn't we approach is the same as our own military. A simple don't ask, don't tell philosophy?

At 9:30 PM, Blogger Alexander said...

I really enjoyed this blog. Its very clear that this is one of the ultra rights best way to GOTV. Just look at WV, the 3 G's rule that state, Gays, Guns, and God. It seems that the hard core republicans are trying to make that in every state simply to GOTV. I noticed however that really there is no main GOTV issue for Dems, I mean is the Iraq war really theirs? Cause i dont think its as big of a GOTV than the whole homosexuals are bad and will bring down the world and some ultra conservatives would like people to believe.


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